Life of Fred Zillions of Practice Problems for Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology


 Need a lot of practice or stuck on a particular kind of problem? Requested by many readers, this book contains questions keyed directly to the chapters and topics of Life of Fred: PreAlgebra 1 with Biology. The answer to every problem is worked out in complete detail.

In this book you will find:
• Hundreds of new problems organized according to the chapters of Life of Fred: PreAlgebra 1 with Biology
• Problems are fun with lots of stories about Jan's acting career, Ivy's ice cream store, and Cassie's genotype.
• Complete solutions and answers!

This book is mandatory for those who need it. The Zillions of Practice Problems Slogan: Do all these and you should reach teacher-level.

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Cover: Hardcover Textbook
Number of Pages: 240
Colour Content: Black and White
Reproducible: No
Answer Key: Included
Biblical Content: Occasional references - accepted by many USA Public and Charter schools.
Ages: Grade 6-8