4th Grade Study Time Workbook

Quests with Numbers

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Quests with Numbers

You will find, compared so some series, this series moves along at a rather brisk pace as far as presentation of facts and concepts are concerned. And, because children learn by doing, there is also a lot of review of previous exercises in most lessons.

• There are two short poems and one longer poem that mentions God in the workbook.
• Both Canadian and US currency is used throughout the workbook.
• Both Metric and Standard measurement systems are taught.

Concepts Introduced:

Addition: carrying to millions; adding like fractions
Average: Finding
Calendar Facts: Decade, century
Changing Measures: Larger units to smaller units; smaller units to large units
Division: With money numbers; two uses of division; families 11 and 12; zero in division; checking uneven division; as a fraction; 2-step even and uneven short division; 3-step even and uneven long division; zero in the quotient; remainder as a fraction
Fractions: Terms; unit fractions; like/unlike fractions; comparing like fractions; more than one part of a whole; fractions equal to one whole; equal fractions; making equal fractions; reducing; proper/improper; changing improper fractions
Graphs: Horizontal/vertical bars; line
Lines and models: Point, line segment, line, ray, parallel lines
Measures: Linear: Kilometers; fractions of an inch; Liquid: Hectoliters; dry measures: pint, quart, peck, bushel; Time: Decade, century; Weight: Ton
Missing Numbers, finding: Addend, minuend, subtrahend, factor, divisor, dividend
Mixed computations: With Division
Mixed Numbers: Recognizing
Money: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 bills; making change for $1 to $100
Multiplication: Terms: multiplier/multiplicand; multiplying 7 digit numbers with one digit multipliers; families 11 and 12; multiplying by powers of 10; two digit multipliers
Number words: 7 digits and more
Ordinal Numbers to Twenty
Place value: To millions
Positive/negative numbers
Prime and composite numbers
Process Order: With multiplication/division
Proper/Improper fractions: Recognizing; changing improper fractions to whole/mixed numbers
Reference Measures: Handspan, finger inch, arm spread
Roman Numerals: To 500
Rounding Numbers: to nearest dollar
Scale Drawing: Reading scale drawings
Story Problems: Making multiplication/division story problem; choosing which kind of division used in story problem
Subtraction: borrowing from millions, subtracting like fractions
Temperature: Negative temperatures; Celsius freezing/boiling point
Cover: Paperback
Number of Pages: 368
Colour Content: Black and White
Number of Lessons: 129 plus reviews
Answer Key: Included in Teacher Guide
Reproducible: No
Biblical Content: two short poems and one longer poem mention God
Ages: Grade 4
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