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4th Grade Study Time Workbook

Quests with Numbers

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Quests with Numbers

You will find, compared so some series, this series moves along at a rather brisk pace as far as presentation of facts and concepts are concerned. And, because children learn by doing, there is also a lot of review of previous exercises in most lessons.

• There are two short poems and one longer poem that mentions God in the workbook.
• Both Canadian and US currency is used throughout the workbook.
• Both Metric and Standard measurement systems are taught.

Concepts Introduced:

Addition: carrying to millions; adding like fractions
Average: Finding
Calendar Facts: Decade, century
Changing Measures: Larger units to smaller units; smaller units to large units
Division: With money numbers; two uses of division; families 11 and 12; zero in division; checking uneven division; as a fraction; 2-step even and uneven short division; 3-step even and uneven long division; zero in the quotient; remainder as a fraction
Fractions: Terms; unit fractions; like/unlike fractions; comparing like fractions; more than one part of a whole; fractions equal to one whole; equal fractions; making equal fractions; reducing; proper/improper; changing improper fractions
Graphs: Horizontal/vertical bars; line
Lines and models: Point, line segment, line, ray, parallel lines
Measures: Linear: Kilometers; fractions of an inch; Liquid: Hectoliters; dry measures: pint, quart, peck, bushel; Time: Decade, century; Weight: Ton
Missing Numbers, finding: Addend, minuend, subtrahend, factor, divisor, dividend
Mixed computations: With Division
Mixed Numbers: Recognizing
Money: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 bills; making change for $1 to $100
Multiplication: Terms: multiplier/multiplicand; multiplying 7 digit numbers with one digit multipliers; families 11 and 12; multiplying by powers of 10; two digit multipliers
Number words: 7 digits and more
Ordinal Numbers to Twenty
Place value: To millions
Positive/negative numbers
Prime and composite numbers
Process Order: With multiplication/division
Proper/Improper fractions: Recognizing; changing improper fractions to whole/mixed numbers
Reference Measures: Handspan, finger inch, arm spread
Roman Numerals: To 500
Rounding Numbers: to nearest dollar
Scale Drawing: Reading scale drawings
Story Problems: Making multiplication/division story problem; choosing which kind of division used in story problem
Subtraction: borrowing from millions, subtracting like fractions
Temperature: Negative temperatures; Celsius freezing/boiling point

Technical Data

Cover Paperback
Number of Pages 368
Number of Lessons 129 plus reviews
Answer Key Included in Teacher Guide
Colour Content Black and White
Reproducible No
Biblical Content two short poems and one longer poem mention God
Ages Grade 4

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