Tangram Fury: Science Book

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Science is a field of exploration, discovery, hypotheses, trial and error, just like solving tangram puzzles. You see the target shape. You assume you know which pieces should go where. You try it out. Sometimes you are right. Sometimes you are way off. Sometimes you are completely stumped. Then there is the euphoria of getting it right.

The Tangram Fury Puzzle Books are 9"x6" in size. Following a brief introduction to tangrams, the main portion of these books provide puzzles to solve, and their solutions. This is followed by tidbits and trivia about tangrams and some famous people who have tinkered with tangrams over the years. Each book includes a pattern of a tangram to use for solving the puzzles. The puzzles are large, full-page size. The puzzles to solve are on odd pages, with their solutions on the reverse side (even pages).

Plastic blocks not included but there is a reproducible template provided.

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Cover: Paperback
Number of Pages: 129
Colour Content: Black and White
Reproducible: No - with certain exceptions
Author: Doug Nufer
Biblical Content: No