Recorder Course Book 2 - Master's Music

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The recorder is a super versatile instrument used in both beginning music programs as well as in the most prestigious concert halls of the world. A predecessor to the modern flute but much easier to play, recorder musicians play solos and in duets, quartets, and church ensembles.

Book 2 continues from where the first book leaves off. It includes several techniques that were not covered in the first book (e.g. slurs, six-eight time, etc.). It also covers all major key signatures up to and including 4 sharps and 4 flats, while reinforcing each key with hymns that are introduced in order of difficulty. Also covered are enharmonic notes, minor keys, and modulation. The total musical range studied is from middle C up to high G. Just as in the first book, both German and Baroque fingerings are shown clearly wherever the difference exists. This book also includes eight four-part arrangements which can be used from the midway point of Book One.

All hymns, choruses and songs have been presented in a logical sequence, utilizing each technique or note learned. Book One consists of 1 duet, 8 quartet, and 30 hymns and songs. German and Baroque fingering are clearly shown where applicable, and cord symbols are provided for any accompanying instruments.

  • consist entirely of Christian hymns, choruses, and songs
  • music theory and techniques are carefully and logically introduced
  • include fingering charts and chord symbols for accompanying instruments 
  • does not contain any rock or rap music

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Cover: Spiral Bound
Number of Pages: 50
Size: 9" X 12"
Colour Content: Black and White
Lyrics Included: Yes
Author: Nick Filippeos
Biblical Content: Yes