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Reading Development Series

Originally published in Canada in the mid 1900s, this revised edition is largely based on the original but with some improvements in content. Students will enjoy
the various settings of people and animals from all over the world. The carefully graded stories teach morals without overt Christian doctrine or Bible stories.

The components of this program can be used separately.
• The Workbooks are designed to teach reading skills and can be used with or without the Reader.
• The Vocabulary Workbooks introduce the student to words taken from the stories and also includes comprehension questions.
• The Vocabulary Workbooks would be an excellent vocabulary building series on their own.
• Both the Workbook and the Vocabulary Workbook provide information and insights, expanding student understanding of what was read in the Reader.

Readers: Stories have a wide variety of settings and contain some black and while illustrations. Hard cover.

Vocabulary Workbook: Contains exercises designed to teach the most difficult words in each story. New words are taught and used in context. Also includes
comprehension questions about the story.

Student Workbook: Contains independent seat work and exercises that are designed to build reading skills. Teaches how to find different types of answers.

Levels: The Reading Development Series is an accelerated program.
Grade equivalents:
Level 1 = 1st grade
Level 2 = 2nd to mid 3rd grade level
Level 3 = 3rd to 4th grade level
Level 4 = 5th to 6th grade level
Level 5 = 6th to 7th grade level
Level 6 = 7th to 8th grade level
Level 7 = 9th to 10th grade level
Level 8 = 11th to 12th grade level

Grammar and Writing Skills: This program does not specifically cover grammar or writing. We recommend using the Climbing to Good English program along side the Reading Development Series to cover all the other areas of Language Arts.  Together, they form a very complete program. Climbing to Good English is also accelerated and runs along the same schedule.