Life of Fred Statistics Expanded

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This book contains more statistics than is usually taught in a college course. It covers...

  • Descriptive Statistics (averages, measures of dispersion, types of distributions)
  • Probability
  • Bayes' Theorem
  • From a Given Population Determine What Samples Will Look Like (7 tests)
  • Techniques of Sampling
  • From a Given Sample Determine What the Population Was (14 tests)
  • Determine Whether Two Given Samples Came From the Same Population (15 tests)
  • Working With Three or More Samples (10 tests)
  • Emergency Statistics Guide
  • Regression Equations
  • Field Guide
  • 16 Tables

All answers are included in the textbook.

This book is not broken up into lessons. For high school seniors, finishing the first five chapters (203 pages) will give a solid grounding in statistics.

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Cover: Hardcover Textbook
Number of Pages: 576
Colour Content: Black and White
Reproducible: No
Number of Lessons:
Time to Complete: Approx. 1 year
Answer Key: Included
Biblical Content: Occasional references - accepted by many USA Public and Charter schools.
Ages: Upper Division College