Climbing to Good English 8 Workbook

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Seventh and eighth grades have been combined in much the same way as the fifth and sixth with enough lessons, unit tests and end-of-term tests to provide for 3 lessons per week. Practice sheets can fill out the week to five lessons or for homework/extra practice.

Climbing to Good English 7 and 8 are the last books in this eight-book series and tie together loose ends other curriculums deal with farther on. This should in no way hinder the student who chooses to continue his formal education. It may, in fact, help him even more. Students reach the level where they are expected to rely on their own resources most of the time. Of course this greatly depends on the kind of foundation students have been given, and whether they have been taught to help themselves. Detailed teacher instructions in the annotated teacher's edition guide you in having the pupils take the initiative.

After a few review lessons, the basic grammar is reinforced and new concepts added. The emphasis on composition is strengthened, since effective writing is the major goal in teaching English.

The answers for all lessons are included in the Climbing to Good English 7/8 Teacher Manual.

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Cover: Paperback
Number of Pages: 286
Colour Content: Black and White
Answer Key: Separate Teacher Guide
Reproducible: No
Biblical Content: Yes
Ages: Grade 8 to 12