Mystery of History

Learn History the Way It Was Meant to Be Taught!

Study Bible history with other world events happening at the same time all around the world. Unlike traditional history curriculums, MOH does not separate "Bible History” from “World History” because both streams of history impacted the other, and both streams impacted the future and the world as we know it today, no matter where on earth it was happening. With a classical approach, Linda Hobar weaves the story line together of both world and Bible history in Volume I. Subsequent volumes continue to weave the message of the Gospel through the ages.

MOH will unfold connections in history for you and your children like nothing else. You won’t find these significant and amazing stories packaged together just anywhere. Linda Hobar did the research for you so that you and your students are free to absorb this history and explore the untold mysteries in between.

  • Save time - teach K-highschool together!
  • The lessons are suitable for the youngest to the oldest child. They contain enough meat for your older student, along with suggested supplemental reading and projects, and simple projects for younger children.
  • Three lessons a week will complete a volume in one year and make history come alive!
  • Go quickly for an overview, slowly for in-depth study
  • There are no academic limitations to this syllabus.
  • Designed to stand alone, each volume is as simple or as in depth as the individual or family wants it to be.
  • many supplemental resources available
Recommendation: Rotate the volumes as your children advance. ie: 1st grader repeats Volume I at an older age once having completed volumes 2,3, and 4.
Next time around they will grasp it at a higher level.

Mystery of History Companion Guides
Inside, you’ll find a wealth of activities, teaching helps, and all reproducibles, neatly organized at your fingertips. All the preparation is done for you, including:
  • memory card ideas
  • Wall of Fame time-line suggestions
  • grading helps
  • a supplemental book list
  • Bible reading list
  • answer keys
  • and more!
Requires a good quality Bible Atlas and a Historical Atlas.

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