The Basics of Critical Thinking

  • CT8001

This book defines and teaches critical thinking in a way all students can understand through simple explanations, diagrams, and short, engaging activities. Although this book teaches common argument forms, its primary focus is identifying and evaluating evidence – the very basis of critical thinking. Most propaganda, advertising schemes, legal trickery, and bad science are not the result of complex arguments; they are the result of half-truths and simple arguments. Students who successfully complete this book will have a fundamental set of critical thinking skills they can use their entire lives. This full colour, 152 page book is reproducible and contains the answer key.


  • What Is Critical Thinking? 
  • Conclusions and Decisions 
  • Beliefs and Claims 
  • Finding (Identifying) Evidence 
  • Evaluating Evidence 
  • Inferring and Inferences 
  • Facts and Opinions 
  • Facts and Probable Truths 
  • False and Probably False 
  • Facts, Probably True, and Probably False 
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Logical Connectives 
  • Advertising 
  • Agreements and Contracts 
  • Common Errors in Reasoning 
  • Arguments 
  • Valid and Invalid Arguments
  • Fallacies 
  • Analogy Argument

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Cover: Paperback
Number of Pages: 152
Colour Content: Full Colour
Answer Key: Answers Included
Reproducible: Yes - for home or single classroom use
Biblical Content: No
Ages: Grade 4-9