Another Hive of Busy Bees

  • B2806

Danny and Debbie, like their cousins, decide they want to spend vacation time on the farm with their grandparents. For children who have only known city life - each day presents exciting opportunities for them to experience new situations - especially the first day, when they encounter a hive of angry bees. From this episode grandma chooses stories from her scrapbook and skillfully develops some character lessons for each evening bedtime BEE STORY.


  • BEE Careful
  • BEE Orderly
  • BEE Thoughtful
  • BEE Diligent
  • BEE Devoted
  • BEE Neat
  • BEE Thorough
  • BEE Unselfish
  • BEE Determined
  • BEE Resolute
  • BEE Loyal
  • BEE Truthful
  • BEE Teachable
  • BEE Consecrated
  • BEE Patient
  • BEE Confident
  • BEE Useful
  • BEE Honest
  • BEE Appreciative
  • BEE Content
  • BEE Thankful

Over the past sixty years, this all-time favourite book has been handed from parent to child to grandchild. All delight to hear the stories over and over again.

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Cover: Paperback
Number of Pages: 192 pages
Color Content: Black and White
Biblical Content: Yes
Age Range: Ages 5 to 10