The Brother-Offended Checklist

"The one thing that probably wears me down more than anything else as a mother is bickering: petty arguments and their results. "Maaah-meeee, he hit me!" I used to feel like a referee!

I began to see that I was also encouraging my children to become gossips as they constantly reported their grievances to me.

We knew there had to be an answer! So we started digging into God’s Word. Here it is in a format that even a toddler (or adult ) can understand!"

(Quote from Pam Forster, author)

Based totally on Scripture, this cartoon-illustrated chart-and-book set outlines:
• 9 steps for an offended person to follow
• 5 steps to encourage the offender to confess and forsake his sin
• 10 Scripture-based guidelines for parents when they must assume the role of judge in offenses.
• Examples from lives in the Bible
• What to do with a false witness
• How to discipline a child who takes pleasure in getting another child in trouble

This is life-changing study material for your family worship time!

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Author: Pam Forster
Format: Book and Chart
Biblical Content: Yes
Scripture Version: NKJV & NIV
Wall Chart
Colour: Black and White
Size: 16" X 22"
Style: Old Format
Laminated Chart
Colour: Full Colour
Size: 8 1/2" X 11"
Style: New Format